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Name Analysis

Name Analysis, knowing yourself individually and developing awareness, or knowing the compatible/incompatible aspects of your spouse before marriage. What are the compatibility of two people such as friends, spouses, lovers, business partners, what are the points they agree on or disagree on? It is an analysis that covers the size and future of the relationship.

Family Counselor

Family Counseling Increasing the problem-solving capacity of families; reducing family relationship and communication problems; developing coping skills with difficult life events; strengthening relations with the social environment; It is a protective, preventive, developmental and guiding consultancy service provided for parenting skills and regulating sibling relationships.

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Spiritual Counseling and Guidance

Spiritual Counseling and Guidance; It is a profession that supports clients in realizing the impact of their world of faith on their lives and uses modern counseling techniques and religious and spiritual methods together to cope with problems they associate with religion or spirituality.

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Expert Trainer

expert trainer



Expert trainer, NLP, Body Language, Effective Communication & Effective Presentation Techniques, Basic Coaching & To increase their awareness and enable them to gain skills in areas such as consultancy skills. The subjects in the program will be discussed within the framework of the determined areas and this knowledge and skills will be established in the individual training company & It is intended to be used in institutions, in the work areas of independent trainers, in all professional groups and work environments. Powerful methods and techniques have been developed to increase one's awareness and specialize in each area covered in the program.  All areas within the scope of the program form a whole and aim to train a professional instructor who is competent in his field and devoted to continuous development and development. Two basic approaches are adopted during the program process. The first of these is the content transfer process, in which knowledge and theoretical parts are transferred, and the other is the skill development and change process, in which the information and theoretical training given is transformed into practice and the aim is to gain basic skills.

Temperament Analysis and Counseling

Temperament Analysis and Counseling evaluates individuals holistically in their unique physical, emotional and intellectual worlds and determines self-knowledge and treatment methods. Knowing the temperament of oneself, one's spouse, or one's child means learning the language of communication and love, understanding it, and acting in accordance with one's nature. No grouping is similar to temperament: zodiac sign, blood type, race, color... However, temperament analyzes the person from behaviors to tastes. The science of Temperament offers you the smell, color, climate, behavior and even the person that will be good for you.

Temperament Analysis and counseling

Family Constellation Facilitator

Family Constellation Facilitator, The starting point of family constellation therapy is that individuals are connected to the members of their families with an invisible bond, starting from generations ago. Each of us came into this life and exist from a mother and father. There are many factors behind our existence. Some are known, some are falsely known, and some are completely unknown and kept secret. Everything  started in the family. All these factors affect what we experience today. In other words, behind what we experience today is what we experienced in the past, what happened in our family, and what our ancestors and past generations experienced affect the system. With Family Constellation, we go beyond the perceptions we have had throughout our lives and make a journey into reality. This journey, of course, begins with the intention of change and the desire for development. The individual is on his journey to become himself; He wants some things to change and transform in his life with the question "Who am I?" More healthy, happy, peaceful, joyful, fruitful, successful, strong, free, healthy, etc. A person may seek to live and sustain a life that includes many elements. Or he just wants to understand himself and what is happening. He is looking for solutions to his problems. All of these can lead the person to get professional support, to start the change from themselves, to learn what they do not know, and to a new consciousness. At this point, Family Constellation can make very strong contributions and produce solutions. Family Constellation serves both the individual being studied, all group members involved in the study, and the practitioner who takes the position of facilitator. This study covers everything about human beings. Family Constellation method; It reveals the dynamics that affect our present, our life, our perception, our decisions, our behaviors, our choices, and provides a sense of well-being and relief to the system (family, ancestors, traumatized fragments of the self).


A Professional Coach is the person who will motivate you to achieve your goal and monitor the developments with you. A coach is the person who reveals your wealth and potential, who both challenges and motivates you. Aries is your partner on your journey to live the life you want. Aries helps you get to know yourself. A coach provides the tools, structure and support you need to achieve your goals. Aries helps you realize your positive and negative habits. The coach shares with you the process of turning your vision into reality. The coaching program works in the present tense, thinks about the how of problems rather than the why, and is result-oriented. Coaching is the driving force that moves a person to action. The client gains awareness of himself and his relationships during the coaching process. During the process, the client develops new skills that he can use in his work and private life. The client learns to question and improve himself.

Professional Coach

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